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Piston Engine

AE300 (E4-Series)

The AE300 (E4-series) is a four cylinder two liter piston engine which uses Jet A1 or diesel fuel to produce 170 horsepower. With this new AE300 (E4-series), Austro Engine GmbH has launched the leading Jet A1 piston engine in General Aviation. Numerous testing hours have proved its endurance and reliability, highest performance and higher efficiency compared to similar products on the market.

Rotary Engine


The AE 50R is an AVGas single rotary engine with 40.4 kW. This engine is certified according to EASA Part 22 Subpart H. The enormous power-weight relation results in an unique position on the global market.

Since launching our first line of products, the AE 50R series, our 40.4 kW rotary engine product, has built a successful track record, with more than 1100 installations in motor gliders and UAV applications of leading OEMs.

Electronic Products

Motor Management Systems

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Engine Instruments

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